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Aerial Masterclasses 

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Aerial Masterclasses are specialised 2-hour workshops.

Rejuvenate ~ Aerial & Yoga Mini Retreat 

Join Kate and Zoe for a invigorating mini-retreat; the day will include restoration, meditation and aerial decompression. Brunch and refreshments included.


Our restorative flow class will begin at 9.30am led by Kate. This session is a mixture of mindful movement and supported restful postures. After our first session brunch smoothie bowls will be served during the break. 

To ease back into practice a supported seated meditation to prepare for aerial practice. Float into your hammock for some floating stretches and restorative asanas. Deep releasing and a little decompression to end the day… Bliss balls and tea to conclude our time together.


WHEN: Sunday November 19th ~ TIME: 9.30am to 1.30pm ~ LIMITED PLACES!

COST: $95 per person ~ EARLY BIRDY: $85 per person ~ DOUBLE: $160 for two people *All tix include brunch and refreshments





Aerial Partner Therapeutic Masterclass w/ Zoe Zephyr & Alicia Holloway

Come and spend your Sunday afternoon in this aerial yoga masterclass. Love Acro Yoga? Love Aerial Yoga? 

Join us for this workshop specifically tailored for current acro and aerial practitioners.

Bring a friend or pair up with someone new. This is not a couples workshop.

Learn techniques to go deeper into traction, inversions and fascia ‘stretching’. This 2hour workshop will combine Aerial Yoga, Thai Massage and Acro Yoga techniques to explore and play with the hammock against our bodies. With the aerial hammock we will be exploring partnered asanas, inversions and massage.

This workshop is perfect for students who are comfortable with inversions and those who would like to learn more about the capabilities of the hammock beyond regular class syllabus.

WHEN: Sunday November 12th
TIME: 2pm to 4pm
INSTRUCTORS: Zoe Zephyr & Alicia Holloway
COST: $39 per person



To reserve a place please add yourself to the class online and come into the centre 10mins before class start times.