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Hypnobirthing Group Classes w/ Nourished Nest

Steffi Hacket is a registered midwife, and a HypnoBirthing International practitioner. She is running both group and private HypnoBirthing courses for pregnant mothers and birthing partners out of The Yoga Centre. Steffi has spent many years studying (she is also a qualified paramedic,) with a passion for learning, she is a well informed HypnoBirthing Practitioner.

WHEN: 7th of January to 3rd of February

TIME: 2pm to 4.30pm Saturdays

For more information and to secure your place please contact Steffi directly ~ E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 deanne 21 BW



Yin, Roll & Release: TDU neck, shoulders + lower body w/ Deanne Kong

You do not need to be a cyclist to attend this workshop. Whether you have been training hard for the Tour Down Under Bupa Challenge, prefer to be a spectator or just know that a massage focusing on your calves, glutes, quads, hamstrings and upper back/neck would be beneficial, everyone is welcome!

Cyclists have unique needs - the repetitive motion and rounded back and forward head posture can lead to short and tight hamstrings, hip flexors and quadriceps, and also cause lower back and neck pain.

We'll be using long hold stretches for the upper back/chest, hips and hamstrings (up to 5 minutes) and adding in massage therapy ball work for calves, quads, glutes, arms and back to cross-fibre out any knots that may be restricting your muscles and fascia from working at their optimum. I'll also be teaching you some thai yoga massage techniques that you can easily do at home as a quick tune-up.

You've heard Cadel Evans loves yoga. Try adding some simple yoga techniques to your training schedule and feel for yourself how it improves your sporting performance, and endurance.

Don’t let tension build up in your body. Self-massage techniques will help to release muscular tension in a more profound way that your average yoga, exercise or stretching cannot achieve. You will be able to breathe more easily and feel a lightness and freedom in your body from your first session. Learn to:

🌟 Release knots and trigger points to instantly relieve tension

🌟 Use long hold stretches (yin yoga) to further release the myofascia

🌟 Learn a whole body massage that you can use to "tune up" and maintain your body

WHEN: Monday 22nd January

TIME: 7pm to 9pm




womb NP 

Heal The Womb w/ Nadia Parisi

"To heal the womb, is to heal the woman" ~ Clare Blake

This workshop is great for those needing to re-connect to their sacred space, their bodies & selves. This workshop is focused for those dealing with:

  • Infertility 
  • PCOS
  • Endometriosis 
  • Painful menses 
  • Irregular cycles 
  • Un-explained infertility 
  • IBS
  • Sexual or emotion trauma 
  • Bloating & oedema 
  • Postnatal healing 

    🌿Learn self abdominal & womb massage
    🌿Yoga for hormones, healing & infertility 
    🌿Learn about your menstruation, what is healthy & what is not 
    🌿Sister community circle, coming together for support 
    🌿All receive a take home manual
    🌿Goodie bags, herbal tea & vegan morning tea provided
    🌿Free castor oil packs & organic womb cream

WHEN: January 27th

TIME: 9am to 12pm

COST: $60 Early Bird ($75 FULL)

BOOKINGS: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 acro 8

acro 6

acro 7

AcroYoga Beginner Workshop w/ Rohnan 

The practice of AcroYoga is based in community, communication and partnership, and through these foundations blends yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics, and the loving kindness of healing arts. AcroYoga is a wonderful way to connect, stretch and play with like minded people in a safe and supported space, while exploring a new way of moving and being present in your body. You will learn fundamental flying, basing and spotting techniques so that you can play with safety and confidence.

What can I expect from the workshop?

  • accredited instruction
  • Acro specific conditioning and stretching to keep you healthy and playing longer.
  • Layered progressions so you can work towards those elements just out of reach.
  • Learn how to build trust and to communicate with people in new and interesting ways.
  • Challenge yourself to do things that may seem out of reach in a safe and supported environment.
  • Progress and grow with a group of like minded people.

Please note this is a beginners workshop.

  • No partner required
  • No experience necessary
  • Wear comfortable clothing - yoga/active wear is ideal

WHEN: Saturday 27th January

TIME: 1pm to 4pm

COST: Full Ticket $60 per person [Early Bird $50 until 23/01 Use the promo code 'EarlyAcro']

Use the code 'AcroWeekend' for the Transitions workshop if you're attending both days for an extra $10 off the second workshop.


AcroYoga Transitions Workshop 

The culmination of the workshop will be an exciting washing machine that brings all your transitions together in one smooth flow.

What can I expect from the workshop?

  • Partnered and pose specific conditioning and stretching
  • Layered progressions to help you grow from your current skill set
  • Exercises in trust, communication and play
  • An opportunity to challenge yourself to do things that may have seemed out of reach.

Please note:

  • No partner required
  • Comfortable clothing such as yoga/active wear is ideal

WHEN: Sunday 28th January

TIME: 10am to 1pm

COST: Full Ticket $60 per person [Early Bird $50 until 23/01 Use the promo code 'EarlyAcro']

Please note that this workshop is perfect for students that have some experience with AcroYoga. If you would like a beginner workshop please come along on Saturday 27 January

Use the code 'AcroWeekend' for the Transitions workshop if you're attending both days for an extra $10 off the second workshop.




za flow

naomi workshop


HOWL – a full moon gathering of yoga + song w/ Za Ra & Naomi

Join us for an evening of moving, listening and connecting to something deeper. 

We will be led through a sweet, creative flow by Za Ra and buoyed by the sounds of Naomi Keyte as we move together. Stepping into the slipstream of the energy flow of those around us, our bodies will be allowed to be just as they are in each moment, affording us the freedom to find moments of creativity in movement. 

Since she is Adelaide-born, Za Ra returns home every once in a while to tap into her roots and tune into the magic that SA has to provide. She will be coming back from intrepid exploration that has involved teaching and sharing all over the world. Teaching a practice that toes the line between yoga, dance and moving meditation, Za likes to playfully give the finger to styles of yoga that tell you things should look or feel a certain way. Instead she hopes to set up the conditions in which people may feel their own agency to sense, feel and inhabit their body within and between each movement. 

Naomi Keyte is a local musician whose delicately enrapturing sound has sent her around the world and brought her right back home again. Her soft, carefully chosen and artfully sung words will provide the backdrop upon which we will carve our flow in this special evening dedicated to the moon in her full splendour. 

After asana, we will have the opportunity to stay, share food and drink tea around a metaphorical campfire just the way our ancestors have done for centuries. Please consider bringing something to share! 

WHEN: Wednesday January 31st

TIME: 6pm ~ 8pm

COST: class priced on a sliding scale of between $20 and $35. Please pay what you feel it is worth to you and what you are able to contribute!




F L O W with Za Ra

Join us for a coalescence of bodies and rhythms as Za returns for a tour of Australia’s southern borders. She’s been away and now she’s back and wants to see you and share what she knows. Come move and sweat and feel what it’s like to inhabit your body inside the container of yoga asana.

We will find the rhythm of our own breath against carefully chosen music, and will shapeshift from pose to pose within an intelligent and creative sequence that might feel just a bit like a dance. 

Zara believes that part of why we love yoga is that it allows us to have an experience of Flow. She reckons that the reason we do it together in groups is that having others around us create the conditions for us to be able tostep into the slipstream of flow that is shared by all who create it. 

Come step into the slipstream. Everyone is welcome. 

WHEN: Saturday February 3rd

TIME: 2pm ~ 4pm

This 2 hour class will be priced on a sliding scale. Please pay what you feel it’s worth to you, and what you can afford, between $20 and $35.