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Madeleine has worked as a Kinesiologist for over 4 years, also working in the diagnostic medical field of Radiography and Sonography for over 30 years. Through Kinesiology Madeleine assists clients of any age to change a negative issue into a positive outcome. Kinesiology is a mix of Eastern wisdom and Western techniques using the gentle non-invasive art of muscle monitoring. This gives instant access to holistic information held by the subconscious. It is a client driven procedure where each session is guided by the client’s conscious and subconscious responses to finding specific imbalances and corrections.

Call on Madeleine 0417 881 808 to book a Kinesiology session ~ Thursdays & Saturdays


East Room/Practitioner Room

The East Room is our practitioner and therapies space; it is equipped with massage table, practitioners chair and adequate storage for practitioners to offer their modalities in a calm and intimate space. The Yoga Centre promotes many different styles of wellness practitioners, and we encourage our yoga sanga to engage the services on offer through the East Room. Please contact us for an application to join our team or for more information on hiring the space.

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