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Reiki Training

With Juliet Lever

Reiki 1

A full day of exploring the ancient Japanese healing and relaxation technique of Reiki. 

Juliet Lever combines her practical and spiritual approach to welcome you into the first degree of Reiki – where you receive 4 energy attunements, learn to deepen your meditation practices and your intuition. 

We practice intuitive card reading, energy awareness and connecting to inner guidance.

  • Reiki Level 1 is focused on self-healing and is a pre-requisite to Reiki Level 2.
  • Payment plans are available. Price for the full day course is $350 + GST

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Reiki 2

Reiki 2 is the continuation from Reiki 1, where you receive 2 additional attunements to the Japanese healing modality of Reiki. 

In this 2 day training we explore distance healings, aura reading, connecting with spirit guides, deepening intuition, running full Reiki treatment sessions with fellow students and protecting energy. 

  • Payment plans are available.
  • Price for full 2 day course is $500 plus GST.

BOOKINGS via ~ Relaunch My Life