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Kahl started yoga as a kid in a small country town under the instruction of his dads home-brand raw food, hot yoga, kombutcha and fasting. As a teen he developed a love of yoga props through an Iyengar home practice. Fast forward to 2011, when he discovered the joy of aerial yoga and the benefits of swinging, inverting & strengthening - all in the air! Kahl blends music, movement and monkey-nature into his classes. Kahl is a co-contributor to The Yoga Centre, having built the studio from the concrete floor upwards. 

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Director of The Yoga Social ~ recently relocated back to Adelaide ~ Ambika is a yoga student, teacher and teacher trainer. She writes and develops the courses for Teacher Trainings at The Yoga Social. Ambika lives and breathes yoga; she has been a yoga teacher since the mid 90’s! What to expect in classes and trainings? No judgement, lots of support, no fancy moves and heaps of passion and laughter Ambika’s philosophy: Yoga is a philosophy and a way of life which offers various methods (like asana, pranayama, mantra and meditation) to bring people closer to themselves. To open up to this, explore possibilities and let go of judgment and ego, then anything is possible.

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Naomi aims to create a place where students of all abilities can feel comfortable to engage with their bodies in the holistic practice of Hatha Yoga. Her classes are designed to build strength and flexibility with slow, fluid sequences where movement and breath are linked. As a result of fully engaging with the body through Yoga, taking notice of all that is there to be felt, the mind can settle and be still. Having completed a Certificate of Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Spirit Studios (2015)  and 100 hours of Advanced training in the method of Embodied Flow (2016), Naomi is excited to share and  facilitate a joyful and positive connection between people and their bodies to promote a sense of well being and contentment.



Alicia has been practicing yoga for the last decade; while building her business, she turned to yoga to still her mind, and as a reminder to breathe! Always looking for new challenges, Alicia tried an aerial yoga class in 2013, and discovered that it was not only great fun, but also an extension of her floor practice. She has been ‘hanging around’ ever since, and has recently turned this passion for all things aerial into teaching. Her love of yoga and movement has resulted in regular trips to the Yoga Barn in Bali, and she is an active member of the Adelaide & Australian Acro Yoga community.

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With a background in the arts, Kate began her teacher training with Wendy Samek in 2012 to deepen her practice and gain more knowledge on her lifelong yoga journey. Kate has a special interest in yoga for young people and yoga for women’s health after recognising the important role yoga played in her pregnancy and the birth of her daughter. She has attended many workshops about yoga and ayurveda but believes the most valuable and introspective learning occurs on the mat. Kate lives with her husband, two sweet daughters, a cat and some spoilt chooks.



Iyengar Yogi Nicolas offers Remedial Massage, Chinese Cupping, Myofascial Release and Cranioscral therapy from The Yoga Centre practitioner rooms. Nicolas has a particular interest in empowering students and clients to learn self-care techniques to enhance and maintain ongoing good health. He draws from his personal Iyengar practice and Yoga Teacher Training passing along the many benefits that Yoga has to offer.

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From a young age Zoe lived amongst Tibetan Buddhism, and has been fortunate to receive direct transmission and teachings from some of the most senior teachers of several lineages, something that has remained with her personally and that she takes directly into her own teaching.  In 2011 Zoe completed the inaugural Australian teacher training in AntiGravity® Fitness with its inventor, Christopher Harrison.  Zoe is a founder of The Yoga Centre, she lives in a treehouse with her family and several wayward animals.

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Natalie discovered Asthanga yoga in 2010 which led her to go to Mysore India to deepen her practice and teachings at the Asthanga Mysore Institute. In 2012 she came across aerial yoga which she found to be fun, playful, therapeutic and very complimentary to her dynamic mat practice. In her classes Natalie seeks to create a soulful class class inspired by her love of yoga, music and creating a moving meditation for her students. Natalie encourages her students through a practice that embraces breath as the link between body, mind and spirit. 



Ainhoa was first introduced to yoga by her father, but a long time passed before she took an interest in the concepts and practice of yoga. She completed teacher training in India in 2015 and later several yin yoga qualifications with Jo Phee and Melanie McLaughlin. Her classes focus on students feeling comfortable with themselves; there is no ‘right’, purely moving and breathing in ways that nurture the body and mind. It is about going inwards. Ainhoa believes that asana practice is a powerful tool to build awareness in the physical practice and to cultivate this awareness off the mat.



For Paula, life is about compassion and relationships. Relationships with nature and with our mind, body and spirit. Her Fruit of Yoga classes plant the seeds of connections between mindfulness, breathing and physical movement in which students can learn deep mindfulness and then take this into daily life. Apart from being passionate about Yoga, she also enjoys walking around nature and trying new things like playing erhu (Chinese violin) or painting.

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Bridgette was one of the first AntiGravity Aerial Fitness instructors in Adelaide, she was drawn to the modality immediately, becoming an avid student. Bridgette has been teaching sporadically since 2013 (inbetween her gig of mothering a brood of four babes). Her previous education and knowledge as an occupational therapist have made for exciting connections ~ Bridgette loves the endless possibilities available with the aerial hammocks and her classes combine flips & tricks with applied anatomy and physiology. With a background in performance and dance her morning sessions are always exceptionally fun and interesting.