womb & Fertility Massage practitioner training


This practical hands-on course will teach you how to safely perform the womb, digestive & sacral massage on yourself and your clients. It is important that practitioners choosing to offer Fertility Massage gain a good understanding of the fertility process, common conditions presented by clients and knowledge to help clients whilst remaining within the scope of their professional training.

Fertility Massage is an incredibly powerful and emotionally releasing therapy and should come from the practitioners womb and heart; therefore, the course commences with a womb blessing and meditation to help practitioners cleanse and connect to their own wombs.

If you have an interest in Women's Health, then this course is for you. With a strong focus on the physical and energetic approach to the womb, this therapy is suitable for women of all reproductive stages, regardless of whether they are trying to conceive.

To see a glimpse of the course please follow the link: https://www.facebook.com/FertilityMassage/videos/1364802263557843/?t=16

Upon completion of the 4 day course, each participant will know or be able to:

  • Demonstrate the fertility massage movements 
  • Demonstrate the massage to the reproductive organs to aid circulation and improve ligament restrictions
  • Demonstrate the massage to the digestive organs to aid circulation, enhance peristaltic action and improve elimination
  • How to powerfully integrate deep tissue, visceral and acupressure techniques to facilitate successful and productive bodywork and aid emotional release 
  • Demonstrate the massage to the sacrum and coccyx to aid circulation, improving nerve flow and release tension
  • Demonstrate traditional Rebozo techniques to relax, support and release tension
  • Identify the placement of the structures to be worked over and explain their function, particularly their role in fertility. 
  • Understand and explain the importance of referral procedures and working within scope of practice
  • Evaluate and review the massage treatment/programme
  • Understand and define the menstrual cycle, it’s hormones and pathologies and fertility issues. 
  • Define the difference types of cervical mucus and how this will help clients to understand their menstrual cycle
  • Describe the different methods of Artificial Reproductive Technology (ART), their different protocols and how to implement the massage safely alongside these.
  • Define the macro nutrients and explain their role in preparation for fertility
  • Describe the role that a healthy lifestyle has on preparation for fertility and how to implement with clients whilst remaining within scope of practice, or referring on to other practitioners.


  • History & effects of fertility massage
  • Client Care
  • Advising clients on what to expect during & after a treatment. 
  • After-care advice 
  • Consultation & Case Taking 


(Video Downloads and Powerpoint Handouts - Home Study)

  • Anatomy & Physiology - Participants will be provided with a course manual prior to attending the course. The A & P section is a recap of the information covered in the manual. 
  • This topic provides participants with a good understanding of the placement of abdominal organs & the changes of the womb during the menstrual cycle and impact on health.
  • Fertility Theory - Understanding theory that is relevant to Infertility/Fertility to give participants a better understanding to enable them to help their clients, and also know when they need to refer clients on and only work within the realm of their qualifications. 
  • Fertility Pathologies - This topic covers common fertility pathologies to provide participants with an understanding of conditions clients may present with and how Fertility Massage may assist their clients.
  • ART & Fertility Massage - An overview of the different Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART) and how Fertility Massage can be used alongside ART.
  • Menstrual Cycles - Understanding the role of the hormones and mucus during the menstrual cycle will help participants to guide and empower clients. 
  • Meditation - Starting the course with a meditation helps to bring participants in to the correct space to enable them to connect to their bodies, in particular their womb. This particular style of massage requires therapists to be working energetically and start by understanding the healing process & connection within their own womb.


  • 4 Day Intensive Course
  • Practitioner Listing on website
  • Access to Private Facebook Forum for invaluable ongoing support
  • Certification Process
  • Comprehensive Course E-Book, Theory Handouts and Videos
  • Resources Page with visualisations, self help programme, e-books, articles and more...


INVESTMENT: Certification $1997 (Early Bird $1697) - Payment Plans are available with a $300 deposit to secure

WHEN: Monday 15th October to Thursday 19th October

TIMES: 10am to 5pm

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Edwina Taylor has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the health industry and is passionate about helping women to empower themselves by teaching them the tools and techniques to help them wherever they are at on their healing journey, whether that be for fertility, menarche, menopause, wellbeing, pregnancy, mental health or relaxation. 

Edwina facilitates her own programs, retreats and workshops in women’s health, hormones, fertility and learning how to balance the body using her extensive experience and qualifications in training and facilitating women’s health, fertility, massage, restorative, fertility and yin yoga, aromatherapy, emotional freedom tapping and holistic counselling, Edwina creates a space that enables women to open up and allow themselves to feel safe, nurtured and supported while they connect back to their womb’s and allow healing to take place. By incorporating her massage experience with the holistic therapies she offers, she has had great success with her clients. 

Some media highlights from her career include her guest appearance on Perth’s popular radio station Hit 92.9 breakfast show talking about fertility massage, hormones and the contraceptive pill. She was also involved in Hit 92.9’s happiness project and has been featured on Perth Now Online news and the community newspaper sharing her experience of fertility success with clients. 

Edwina’s passion and excitement comes through when she is talking about what she loves, which is most evident in women’s health and fertility. It’s for this reason, that Edwina has had the privilege of being invited to speak at a number of events hosted by organisations throughout Perth. Most recently she was a guest speaker with the Endometriosis Perth Sisterhood of Support, giving guidance and counselling on women’s health. She spoke at Central Tafe, representing Fertility Massage to their Remedial Massage students and she was a key note speaker at The Flourish Centre, presenting on stress, hormones and your fertility, In her career to date, 2018 saw a great milestone achieved and true honour experienced with her invitation to present at Australia’s largest women’s festival known as Secrets in the Garden, attracting over 3000 attendees. At this event, her presentation on the menstrual cycle, miscarriage and womb healing was well received. 

Alongside having her own clinic in Perth Western Australia, Edwina has travelled locally and internationally to support Clare with the fertility massage practitioner course and is a mentor and trainer for practitioners who are based in Australia and Overseas.

As an associate instructor and mentor her passion is to train more practitioners within Australia and overseas to learn womb and fertility massage, coming from a place of love and kindness and connecting back to their own wombs and feeling confident to share this with their clients.

To learn more and secure your place contact Edwina 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.