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Teacher Training Opportunities



Fascia Vinyasa 20hr Teacher Training: For Knowledge of Fascia, Presence & Movement 

with Alexa Nehter

“From external to internal – from parts to whole – from mechanical to natural and fluid”. 


All current and aspiring yoga teachers, as well as serious students of the practice are invited to attend. This training is for movement geeks, body nerds and those who want to stay on top of their game in the new world of anatomy.


This 20-hour training teaches the fundamentals of latest fascia research, the myofascial meridians, biotensegrity (the biodynamic design of living beings) and the therapeutic importance of interception in application to yoga and movement therapy. Teaching yoga within the scope of the biomechanics of myofascial and biotensegral awareness invites us to move from the inside out, to embody the vital and rejuvenating experience of the practicing and teaching in any movement modality. We will dive into fascial science, yoga energetics, yoga philosophy, and their integration into our individual practice and teaching of yoga.

// Fundamentals of Fascia Science, Fascia Health and Hygiene

// Blueprint of Fascia Vinyasa Yoga in detail and application

// the Myofascial Meridians in detail

// the Myofascial Meridians in action

// Level 1 Fascia Flow Movements and Example Sequences

// Level 1 Imagery & Cueing (developing the language of Interception and biotensegral movement)

// Practice and Teaching of Somatic Awareness Meditation

// extensive, comprehensive manual

// myofascial release tools


Understand how the anatomical/biomechanical models we use influence how we practice, teach and live and the limitations of traditional anatomy and biomechanics. Learn and experience the nature of the fascial body. Learn myofascial release techniques applicable in class/ workshops and retreats to enhance and nourish the individual practice of your students. Become confident in the language of fascial anatomy and somatic awareness. Gain a firm understanding in fascial science – the new paradigm of biodynamic anatomy


What is fascia: Form, function, and why it is important for a sustainable physical and mental hygiene. The Myofascial Meridians / Anatomy Trains (as taught by Tom Myers): the three-dimensional map and their function in application to yoga


Parallels between ancient yoga philosophy, energetics, and the fascial/biotensegrity paradigm / Prana Vayus / Studies include excerpts from: The Bhagavad Gita, The Upanishads, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Krishnamurti


Practice, feel and understand from inside. Use the understandings of fascia and biotensegrity to inform your practice. Cultivate a more interoceptive practice to access the parasympathetic nervous system, to gain a moment to moment experience of the living (fascial) matrix, and to fully appreciate the connected, myofascial paradigm. Apply the principles of rooting, core-connecting, and expansion to restore healthy balance to the living matrix bringing healthy alignment, lightness and ease in movement. Use breath awareness to ignite whole body awareness


Apply knowledge of fascia, the myofascial meridians, and biotensegrity to your teaching. Body reading and assessment of yoga postures. Identify areas in the body with more or less myofascial/biotensegral balance (self- and student assessment). Learn movement and myofascial release techniques to naturally, effectively increase the fascial balance of the body. Application of key aspects of the science of fascial glide and elasticity (old term: stretching) to your approach creating healthy tissues and movement in the body.

Level 1 Fascia Flow Movements and Example Sequences // Level 1 Imagery & Cueing (developing the powerful language of interception and biotensegral movement along and within the lines)


All participants will be receiving Continuing Education Credits for their attendance, which is the essential component of ensuring professional advancement for teachers.


When: 30th June to 2nd July 2017
Time: Friday 1pm to 8pm ~ Saturday & Sunday ~ 9am to 5pm
Investment: Early Bird $535 // Full Payment $600
Includes manual / myofascial release tools ~ BYO lunch / drinks